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Who we are

House of Prayer is a church and group of people who are called to bring back revival through prayer and righteous living. And to proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, bringing people out of obscurity into limelight so that they may be call the tree of righteousness,the planting of the lord. And thru them they shall repair the old waste places, and build the desolation of many generations. So we welcome you to the atmosphere of love and faith that all things are possible through prayer. Jesus loves you, so do we.

What We Do

Soul Winning by evangelism (Telling people who do not know Jesus about the love of Jesus). Worship by weekly service (Coming together to fellowship and celebrate the love of Jesus). Fellowship by weekly service (Ensuring that though daily and weekly fellowship, people in the community are not isolated). Exalt and Encourage the discouraged among us to support them in their period of discouragement.


Have God’s purpose to live for. Have God’s people to live with and fellowship with. Have God’s principles to live a good life. Have God’s power and confident to live a well-balanced life.
House of Prayers

Pastor Michael Samuel

House of Prayers

Pastor Lara Samuel

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